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ZA/UM Talks About Disco Elysium’s Big ‘Final Cut’ Update Ahead Of Its Summer Switch Release

Disco Elysium, the intensely complex political-supernatural-murder-mystery-thriller-detective novel-RPG that’s clearly quite hard to put in any one genre category, has been out on PC since 2019. It’s due to hit PS4 and PS5 in March, and the Nintendo Switch some time this summer. For those who haven’t yet played it (or are waiting for the Switch version), it’s like if someone combined Dungeons and Dragons with a sprinkle of Lovecraft and Lynch, plus the horrible nightmares you get when you mix caffeine and alcohol. There’s really nothing like it.

Following rave reviews and a slew of awards, developer ZA/UM has been working hard on both the console ports and a new, updated version of the game, called Disco Elysium: The Final Cut. In an interview with our lovely blue sister site (and good friend) Push Square, writer Justin Keenan spoke about just what the Final Cut will include.

The largest new addition is full voice acting, which the devs describe as a “herculean effort” – which is no surprise, given that the game’s script is one million words long. Alongside the new voices, there’s also a new area, new portraits, new animations, new sound, new lighting, and four new “political vision” quests.

These four new quests align with the four main ideological alignments (which are a bit like D&D’s chaotic/lawful and good/evil grid, except way more confusing): Communism, Moralism, Ultraliberal, and Fascism. The four quests, which were intended for the original release but eventually cut, will give players “the chance to bring some of the story’s ideological themes to a satisfying conclusion.”

Disco Elysium character sheet

Although ZA/UM want to keep a lot of the details as a surprise, they did note that these quests are unique, and although they won’t impact the game’s story in any major way, they will introduce new characters, items, and even permanent changes to the world or the UI of the game.

Have you played Disco Elysium? …Are you ok? Come tell us about your experience in the comments.

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