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You Can Now Buy A Gigantamax Meowth Plush, And It’s Over Five Feet Long

There are Pokémon plushes, and then there are Pokémon plushes.

That’s right, catering for that very specific market who have the space, desire, and funds to buy the longest Meowth plush known to humankind, the Pokémon Center website is now offering a brand new ‘Gigantamax Meowth Poké Plush’.

It’s 65 inches in length (so nearly five-and-a-half feet) and is described as “one of the largest plush available from Pokémon Center” – no kidding! It’s based on Meowth’s Gigantamax design seen in Pokémon Sword and Shield, although the plush is apparently only a 1:20 scale version of the real thing. Thank goodness they didn’t opt for a life-size toy instead.

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