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This “Cyberpunk” Battery Pack Might Be The Ultimate Companion For Your Nintendo Switch

Portable power banks are a fact of life in 2021, because we all own smartphones, wireless headphones and other portable devices which are so power-hungry they need charging on an almost daily basis. Keeping this in mind, it takes something truly special to grab our attention, and the recently-Kickstarted Storm 2 does just that – in more ways than one.

Arun, CARIT and NAXIM – the collaborative team behind this ‘Sci-Fi EDC Power Bank For Digital Nomads’ (their words, not ours) – are making a big deal out of its ‘cyberpunk’ stylings (perhaps not the best connection to make at the moment), but we have to admit, this effortlessly ranks as the coolest-looking portable battery we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Batteries aren’t exactly sexy, but this one somehow is.

We were lucky enough to get a unit to review, and it looks even nicer in the flesh – as we all know from the special editions of the Game Boy and Game Boy Color, everything looks better when it’s transparent, and the tiny screen which shows data such as charging levels and total battery capacity makes it look like something out of an episode of Star Trek.

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