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The Latest Super Mario Bros. Speedrun WR Is A Definitive Breakthrough

Super Mario Bros.© Nintendo

If you follow the retro gaming scene on Twitch, it’s likely you spend a decent amount of time watching speedrunners. It can be fascinating to see how older titles are manipulated, streamlined and mastered over hundreds of hours, and if you happen to catch a world record live it can be an exciting community moment.

One of the true golden standards in speedrunning, Super Mario Bros., has been a focus of attention as players looks to shave individual frames off the record. Recently a major landmark was hit, and so strong is the optimisation of the speedrun for the game, it may never be broken again.

Niftski set a time of 4:54.948 for Any%; that’s the first sub 4:55 time ever, and at this point it looks extremely difficult (perhaps impossible, but the community may keep trying) to ever record a 4:53 time. You can see the run below, just be aware that there’s a lot of excitement so the video gets loud when the run ends.

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