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Talking Point: Wii Features We’d Love To See On Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch has been a hugely successful and profitable system — and we’re evidently huge fans of it — so it might seem a tad churlish to highlight areas it could be better. Yet one aspect where the system is arguably lacking is in personality, especially when compared directly to its predecessors. It’s missing several features that we’d still love to see arrive into the current generation, many examples of which were highlighted in our recent article of 3DS features that should really be on Switch, with notable mentions being StreetPass and, yes, folders.

This time around, though, we’re going to go back further to Nintendo’s quirkiest and most successful home console. The Nintendo Switch, after all, does function as a home console for many of us while living in that dock, so we’re going to cast our minds back to the trusty Wii and think of features from way back then that we’d like to return. There are more than you might think…

Living the Wii life
Living the Wii life (Image: Nintendo)


To be fair, the Nintendo Switch sort of has channels in the News tabs, where publishers and developers of all shapes and sizes can share updates and content related to games. What we have in mind, though, are the themed channels that the Wii served up; it’s worth noting that technically every app window was a ‘channel’ on Wii, but we’ll be more specific.

Some were no doubt relics of their time that would struggle for significance in the modern era; the Weather Channel being one example, as now everyone simply looks at the nearest phone or tablet for that sort of information. Likewise the Photo Channel; it was a neat thing 15 years ago but with no real purpose today. We also had a soft spot for the Mario Kart Wii Channel, though that’s all functionality that would be in the game nowadays.

Yet there are a couple of channels that would be fun as free apps on Nintendo Switch, especially now that Nintendo has suddenly remembered that Mii characters are cool and ported Miitopia from 3DS. Obviously, the Mii Channel itself was a charming hub for creating and viewing the characters, rather than the functionality being buried in settings as it is on Switch.

Then there was the Everybody Votes Channel, which encouraged players to vote with their Miis on assorted topics. On Switch this could be a fun and safe way for gamers of all ages to vote on Nintendo topics, such as choosing between favourite Pokémon, Splatoon outfits, karts from Mario Kart and so on. Login daily or weekly, run around a colourful voting area and earn some My Nintendo Platinum points for voting regularly, as an example.

The Switch already gives us plenty of reasons to play daily with games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but these sorts of ‘channels’ could add a little extra entertainment each day.

The Blue Disc-Tray Notification LED

It looked very cool, and the dream is for a notification LED around the screen, for example, in future Nintendo Switch iterations. At the moment the HOME button flashes and Joy-Cons vibrate as notifications come in (depending on your settings), but it’s not quite the same.

Unlikely, but we can dream.

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