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Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (January 30th)


Another busy old week has flown by, with Nintendo revealing a new Monster Hunter Switch console and an Animal Crossing amiibo card rerelease, and PlatinumGames telling us we should probably forget about Bayonetta 3 for a while, so let’s take a step back and chat about our weekend gaming plans.

Members of the Nintendo Life team have done just that below, so feel free to give our entries a read and then join in with your own via our comment section. Enjoy!

Gavin Lane, features editor

This weekend I shall mostly be playing Hades, if I manage to squeeze in any gaming. I recently bought Doshin the Giant for GameCube and want to try that out at some point, but the god of the underworld grabbed me recently and I haven’t been able to play much else. Great game.

I also picked up Sushi Striker (the 3DS version) brand new for just 6€, so there’s an outside possibility I might fire that up. But probably not. Hades FTW.

Jon Cartwright, video producer

Cyber Shadow! I’ve had the icon staring at me since Tuesday but haven’t been able to put the time aside to properly get stuck in. Everything about this game looks right up my alley and judging from our review, it sounds like it delivers! Even the “may feel a bit short” criticism sounds appealing, I’m in the mood for a quick flick to occupy the weekend.

I’ve also slowly been chipping away at the Nintendo DS version of Chrono Trigger whenever I get a spare moment, perhaps if I finish Cyber Shadow prematurely I’ll be able to make a proper dent in this.

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