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Super Mario Maker 2’s Final Ninji Speedrun Event Has Arrived

Mario Maker

If you thought Nintendo was done with Super Mario, think again! He’s still got some unfinished business with Bowser in the form of one final Super Mario Maker 2 Ninji Speedrun event.

Yes, that’s right – the final course designed by Nintendo is here. It’ll require you to “run a few laps” around Bowser’s Castle and is packed out with tricky gimmicks and more to put your Mario Maker 2 skills to the ultimate test. As usual, it’s all about getting the best time you can!

This 20th course will last for a total of two weeks and once this is over, it seems this might just be the last lot of content we see for Super Mario Maker 2 on the Nintendo Switch. This follows on from its final major update which was delivered in April last year.

As you might recall, the final update added a World Maker mode – allowing up to 40 courses to be linked together, and additional power-ups and course parts. Last month, Nintendo also discontinued the online servers in the original Super Mario Maker. Will you be participating in this final Ninji Speedrun event? Leave a comment down below.

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