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Random: Who Needs Fancy-Pants Graphics Cards? Now You Can Mine Bitcoin With A Game Boy

Game Boy© Nintendo Life

Are you a retro gamer with an original Game Boy just lying around doing nothing? Well, firstly, shame on you — the Game Boy has a brilliant library of classics that you should be enjoying in any spare moment! Then again, perhaps you play your old-school monochrome games on a GBA, or maybe you’ve got multiple ‘Boys — Pockets, Lights, Colors — collecting dust around the house.

Well, YouTuber stacksmashing has decided to make use of the latent computing power sitting in the backs of drawers and cupboards all around the world. Yes, with the aid of a Raspberry Pi Pico serving as a Link Cable to USB adaptor, stacksmashing has managed to harness the massive power of the vintage handheld to chip away at the block.

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