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Random: Who Is Kinopio-Kun, And Why Is He In The Background Of So Many Nintendo Games?


We love Toads here at Nintendo Life. And how could you not? He’s a great friend, an adequate butler, and an acceptable Mario Kart choice. In Japan, he’s also the mascot of Nintendo’s LINE account — a social media platform that’s super popular over there. You may recognise this green guy from that really weird Toad-shaped Labo kit, or that other weird Toad-shaped Labo kit.

But the LINE mascot isn’t just any old Toad. He’s Kinopio-kun. “Kinopio” is what Toad is known as in Japan, and “-kun” is an honorific referring to junior people, so, roughly translated, he’s called “Lil Toad”. LOVE IT.

Kinopio-kun has been featured in quite a few promotional images for various games, a lot of which aren’t even first-party Nintendo games. Take a look at this gallery, and appreciate the wonder that is Kinopio-Kun.




Now you have your answer: Kinopio-kun is the best Toad.

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