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Random: These 3D-Printed Stands Allow The GameCube To Be Treated As The Work Of Art It Is

We know the GameCube didn’t get the love it deserved when released, and these days, many players going back to Nintendo’s older library use their Nintendo Wii instead. Criticised for being “gimmicky” due to its shape, we’d argue the GameCube’s appearance is nothing short of high art. So, if we may offer a suggestion, why not display it as such?

Offering stands which hold up our beloved GameCubes via the corners, these 3D-printed designs come from Thingiverse user TheJeffChen. Having previously worked on a Famicon front expansion for your controllers and PSX fan adapter, they’ve recently posted new designs for our favourite cube-shaped system.

Creating two unique designs, the first is a “Logo Dunk” based around the GameCube intro screen, whilst the second is a Legend of Zelda based “Triforce Stand“. Admitting they’re a bit precarious, Jeff doesn’t recommend using wired controllers if you intend to actually play whilst using them.

You can download his designs for free via these listings, but you’ll need access to a 3D printer. If you do decide to print them off and like his work, you can also leave Jeff a tip.

If you walked into a friend’s home and saw their GameCube displayed like this, what would you think? Let us know down below.

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