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Random: Ring Fit Adventure’s Ring-Con Has Been Transformed Into A Working Accordion

Wii Music's talented band of Miis would be all over this...
Wii Music‘s talented band of Miis would be all over this…

The Ring-Con controller that comes bundled with Ring Fit Adventure is a pretty smart piece of kit already, combining with the Switch’s Joy-Con to keep you active, work your muscles, and even measure your heartbeat. As it turns out, though, it can be used for a whole lot more than that.

Ressa Schwarzwald, audio producer at TinyBuild Games, has utilised the forces of development magic to transform Nintendo’s fitness controller into a working accordion. Over on YouTube, Ressa’s shown off a demonstration of the ‘Ringcordion’ in action; the project uses a mixture of Unity and Wwise, converting various Ring-Con movements into beautiful music blasts.

Check it out:

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