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Random: Behold The Miya 2000, A Rare NES Accessory That Only Works With One Game

Miya 2000© Tony Johnson

Like any popular games console, the NES was host to some truly weird and wonderful accessories. Devices like the iconic Power Glove and the Brøderbund’s U-Force tried to leverage the huge install base of Nintendo’s system, but it’s fair to say this was easier said than done and many of these products flopped at retail.

We assumed we’d seen all of the wacky peripherals released for the NES, but Nintendo Life reader Tony Johnson got in touch to share yet another – and it’s one that is so obscure even he hasn’t seen another example of it, and he actually owns one.

Take it away, Tony:

The Miya 2000 is a gaming peripheral for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was made in 1991 by a company called Miya Epoch, a group that made home golfing simulators and fishing tech.

The Miya 2000 was made for one game (Jack Nicklaus’ greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf). Its use? You use a real golf club and ball to play.

You connect the device up to both controller ports and a regular controller into the apparatus. You select everything with the controller, including the club you wish to use, place the ball on the plastic tee, and swing! A few seconds later the golfer on the screen will copy your movement, including the strength used to swing. The Miya 2000 works by plugging it into a wall socket, or by using 4xAA batteries.

It’s actually based on a stand-alone device called the Miya Shot Analyzer. It basically tells you the speed of the ball, the distance it would have gone, and where you hit the ball, too.

Miya 2000© Tony Johnson

Have you seen this device before? Perhaps you owned one as a kid? Let us know by posting a comment.

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