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Random: Artist Erio Re-Imagines The Gods From Hades As Pokémon Gym Leaders

Hades x Pokémon

Gods, but do we love a mashup. We reported on these incredible Animal Crossing x Hades characters earlier this month, and now we’re getting Pokémon x Hades, too. We’re spoiled, really.

Artist Erio has been posting their drawings of what they imagine the Olympian gods (at least, their interpretation in Hades) would look like, as well as what Pokémon they would own, their preferred type, and their badges – based on their symbols in Hades.

Athena, with Aegislash and Metagross, is the Divine Badge gym leader, favouring Steel types. Ares, the god of war, is obviously Fighting type, although his use of Emboar implies that he might have a lil fire in there, too.

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