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Random: A Switch Owner’s So Fed Up With Games Lacking Manuals That They Made Their Own

Ah, remember the good old days when video games used to come with proper instruction booklets?

The perfect accompaniment to any physical release, and especially useful for the journey home from your local game store as you eagerly await playing it for the first time, manuals used to be a big part of the game purchasing process. Of course, in modern times, these booklets have sadly become a thing of the past – although at least it’s better for the environment.

Still, a gaming fan going by the name Aurumonado has had enough of Switch games arriving with nothing inside. Dropping us a line, Aurumonado says, “A nice crisp manual with all the inserts is part of the joy of collecting physical video games… As I continue to collect more and more Nintendo Switch titles I get increasingly disappointed that nearly all of them include no inserts.”

The answer to this problem? A “fine, I’ll do it myself” moment.

In the video below, Aurumonado shows off their homemade instruction booklet for Super Mario Odyssey. We must say, it really does look the part and we find ourselves missing game manuals more than ever. The attention to detail impresses us most – this thing really looks like something Nintendo would have included in the case several years ago.

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