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Guinness World Records Has Declared This The ‘World’s Smallest Nintendo 64’

With the NES and SNES Classic consoles all wrapped up, plenty have wondered whether we might see an eventual Nintendo 64 Mini system. Nintendo has said in the past that it wouldn’t rule the idea out, but until such a thing becomes a reality, perhaps this fan-made attempt will do?

Introducing the world’s smallest Nintendo 64 console, officially declared as such by Guinness World Records. This modified device – which we’ve featured previously on the site – was created by Gunnar Turnquist of Waltham, Massachusetts, and features a trimmed-down motherboard from a real system, a new, built-in LCD screen, and fully-functional N64 controller buttons, allowing you to pop in a cartridge and play on the go.

“I was inspired to make this project since I love the N64 and it was my first game console I had growing up,” Turnquist explains.

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