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Fire Emblem’s Gatekeeper Wins Popularity Poll Ahead Of Marth, Chrom, And Byleth

GatekeeperNintendo/Intelligent Systems

You know what? Maybe we’ve had enough of Fire Emblem’s very similar-looking, blue-haired boys. They’ve had their time in the spotlight, and they’ve all been invited to Smash. You know who doesn’t get enough recognition? Everyone’s favourite nameless friend, the Gatekeeper.

His endlessly sunny disposition was always a welcome respite from the grimness of battle in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and his latest win in the player-voted 2021 Fire Emblem Heroes poll to “Choose Your Legends” is proof that he’s finally getting the praise he deserves. Yay, Gatekeeper!

The Gatekeeper already has scores of fans, including those who modded him into a playable character in Three Houses (and discovered that his Charm stat was the highest in the game). With stats like that, how could you not love him?

Of course, that does mean that it’s the fifth year in a row that Chrom – the protagonist of Fire Emblem: Awakening – has lost. He’s lost to Ike, Hector, Alm, and Dimitri in the past, and now he’s lost to a guy who can’t even go into battle. Sorry, Chrom, but you’re just not as cheerful.

The poll winners, Gatekeeper, Marth, Marianne, and Eirika, will be added to Fire Emblem Heroes wearing “special Choose Your Legends outfits”. Will we finally get to see the Gatekeeper’s eyes? I guess we’ll find out.

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