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Did You Find The Easter Egg Hidden In Famicom Detective Club?

Badguy Murderman tries to impress Ayumi

We hope you’ve been enjoying Famicom Detective Club as much as we did, and if you’ve finished both games — or if you’re at least halfway through both of them — then there’s a neat little Easter Egg that you might have already found yourself.

In The Missing Heir, you’re given a speed dial number to reach the office of Kanda Law Firm by the butler, Zenzou. Dialing “*16” will get you through to the assistant, who will usually tell you that Kanda, the lawyer, is out.

In The Girl Who Stands Behind, you find out the number of Bar Sambora late in the plot, and you can call 007-1234 to talk to the bartender there.

But what happens… if you call the number from one game in the other game? We tried, and though it’s not groundbreaking, it’s a neat little surprise for anyone who’s played both games.

You can call Bar Sambora in The Missing Heir...
You can call Bar Sambora in The Missing Heir…
But in The Girl Who Stands Behind, Kanda Law Firm is "Kanda Deli" instead!
But in The Girl Who Stands Behind, Kanda Law Firm is “Kanda Deli” instead!

Anyone who’s ever played an old-school adventure game with a phone in it has almost definitely come across secrets, Easter Eggs and in-jokes before, so it’s pretty cool to see Famicom Detective Club rejoice in a decades-old tradition.

Let us know if you found this in the comments!

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