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Curse Of The Dead Gods Will Have Dead Cells Crossover DLC In A Free Update

Curse Of The Dead Gods1© Focus Home Interactive

Curse of the Dead Gods arrived on Nintendo Switch eShop earlier this year, and it’s a pretty good roguelite that’s certainly worth considering. It also seems that the combined efforts of developer Passtech Games and publisher Focus Home Interactive will keep the game rolling for a while yet, as a free DLC tie-in with Dead Cells has been announced.

Dead Cells, of course, has been a massive hit and has delivered a mix of free and paid updates and DLC over the past few years. In terms of the tie-in for Curse of the Dead Gods, the ‘Curse of the Dead Cells’ update will arrive for free on 14th April. There’ll be a new curse and two-handed weapon style, and the press release says the following about specific Dead Cells-themed content.

A new Curse, the Curse of the Headless, will let players move faster while receiving more damage, with a visual twist emblematic of Dead Cells’ main character. Three new weapons inspired by Dead Cells will be added: the Sword of Conjunctivius, the Broadsword of the Knight and the Crossbow of the Condemned. Each is fashioned after its equivalent from Dead Cells. Finally, a new Challenge Room players can find during their runs will feature Dead Cells’ Cursed Chest: you’ll have to win its challenge to earn rare weapons for your run, including a cursed one.

Curse Of The Dead Gods2© Focus Home Interactive
Curse Of The Dead Gods3© Focus Home Interactive
Curse Of The Dead Gods4© Focus Home Interactive

Are you a fan of Curse of the Dead Gods, or are you interested in picking it up in the future?

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