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Base One Brings Interstellar Colony Building To Switch This Year

Base One Reveal 5© Blowfish Studios

If you like managing farms, towns, cities, train services and far more besides, the good ‘ol Switch has you covered. Later this year interstellar colony building will come into the mix, with Base One launching on Switch and pretty much every other console.

It actually arrives today on PC and Mac, so it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out. You have to manage a broad variety of areas and requirements, using modular add-ons to bring the base together; it’ll be story-driven too, so it’ll no doubt throw up some intriguing scenarios and challenges.

You can read a description and see the PC / Mac launch trailer below.

Advance through a story-driven campaign that analyses the impact of interstellar colonization in a reality where corporate interests guide the hand of scientific advancement. Navigate through challenging scenarios that test a crews’ survival skills by completing objectives and modifying stations to establish a human presence in otherwise uncharted regions of space.

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