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Among Us Quickens Masahiro Sakurai’s Pulse, But He’s Not Sure How Long It Will Remain Popular

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You’ve likely seen that outside of directing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Masahiro Sakurai writes a regular column for Famitsu. Having previously shared his PlayStation 5 thoughts and calling Cyberpunk 2077 a “dream game“, his latest featured focuses on Among Us.

Translated by Kody NOKOLO from the Source Gaming team, you can find the full thread below or watch his YouTube video. During this column, Sakurai explains how the game works during the first half of this article, before diving into his own opinions.

Speaking about gameplay strategy, Sakurai says Among Us doesn’t offer a “clear” one when playing. Instead, it leans on natural interaction with players as opposed to its inherent mechanics, an aspect which reminds him of card games.

During this piece, he notes there isn’t much action between players, but that he can “feel his heart beating quite quickly” due to the tension. Sakurai also admits that – like any normal person – he isn’t hasty to lie about things, making plan changes difficult to explain honestly, acknowledging this can accidentally endanger your impostor teammate.

Upon concluding this column, he notes that Among Us is a game “ruled” by its wider community, meaning they have to be aware of any systems within the game. As such, he wonders how long it will remain popular.

Do you agree with Sakurai’s assessment of Among Us? Share your opinions down below.

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